Collaborative Innovation

I listened to a fascinating podcast by John Seely Brown.  It was part of Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture Series. The podcast is called: Collaborative Innovation and a Pull Economy.

He talked about the difference between the old model of doing business and the new one. The new one being focused on developing talent and creating environments where people can grow and flourish together.  But then he took it another step and talked about the power of Collaborative Innovation.
According to a paper by Dr G Venkatesh “Collaborative innovation begins when people come together to solve problems and/or develop customer-centric solutions that are beyond the scope, scale or capabilities of the individual. ”

It part of this whole “open source” philosophy where together we can achieve exponentially more than we can separately. Not only has it been proven to work incredibly well but I would venture to say that it will become an essential way of operating.  But since many do not yet understand this model those who do can prosper ahead of the curve.

I also appreciated it because it was yet another person talking about the power of intrinsic motivation. When people are participating in Collaborative Innovation it is an dynamic environment where people are fascinated and are pulling out of each other more than usual. This makes for a stimulating and satisfying work environment and is a concept that needs to be understood and adopted by many more companies.

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